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Fuji XG5000 CR System

Fuji XG5000 CR System
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Price: $ 2,450.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: Used
Manufacturer: Fuji

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Fuji XG5000 CR High Capacity Digital X-ray


DOM: 10/2004 

Each system will include:

Dell  IIP Workstation

(2) 14x17 Type-C Cassettes w/ST-VI IMAGING PLATES 

(2)10x12 Type-C Cassettes w/ST-VI IMAGING PLATES


The Highest Throughput Available in a Cassette-Based System
Fuji's XG5000 high capacity digital x-ray system is a cassette stacker that can process up to 165 IPs/hour, making it ideal for high volume environments like Main Departments or Trauma where quick image availability is critical. Featuring an independent cassette driver system for redundancy and a small footprint for flexible siting, the XG5000 is configurable with either a Flash Lite IIP for exam room placement or with a Flash Plus IIP, which features a high-resolution monitor and premium image processing tools for advanced QA.

What makes the XG5000 different from other multi-plate systems?

The XG5000 can read and erase a storage-phosphor IP more efficiently than any CR reader available. And the IP, which was developed to be flexible while maintaining durability, is key to maintaining the reader’s compact size, superior imaging and quick cycle time. Fuji is known for its core competencies in chemical engineering and imaging physics, which are responsible for many of the advantages the FCR XG5000 has over other systems. The FCR XG5000’s four cassette slots exceed cycle times and throughput of competitive CR readers. In addition, experience and feedback from customer s indicated that having independent cassette drivers, with no single point of failure, provided better reliability. In the event of a cassette jam in one slot, you have three other slots that will continue to work for you. With competitive designs, using a bin having only one entry point for cassettes, a jam will bring all imaging to a halt.


The Flash IIP Console

Simplified User Interface A CR system’s ease of use is critical to optimizing efficiency. The Flash IIP console

workstation is the user interface to the XG5000 and it is the key to enhancing technologist workflow. Designed for patient identification, image review and image optimization, the Flash IIP integrates these multiple functions into one compact workstation. The simplified user interface automates processes to decrease errors and reduce the number of steps required to produce images — meaning examinations are completed more quickly and patients spend less time in the waiting room. The minimal space requirements allow in-room installation and offer the most flexibility for placement. Multiple Flash IIP consoles can be networked to communicate with all of the FCR readers in the department, improving flexibility and reducing potential workflow bottlenecks.



Standard Component

 XG5000 high capacity Image Reader (CR-IR 362)


150 IPs/hour average (103-165 IPs/hour)

Image Preview
15-25 seconds


DICOM Connectivity
DICOM Modality Worklist Management
DICOM Basic Gray Scale Print SCU
DICOM Storage Commitment
DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step

Reading Gray Scale: 12 bits

Network: 10 Base T/100 Base T

Dimensions (W x D x H): 26” x 29” x 58” (655 x 740 x 1480mm)

Weight: 628 lbs. (285kg)

Power Supply Conditions: Single phase 50~60Hz 120-240V±1

14" x 17" (35 x 43cm)
14" x 14" (35 x 35cm)
10" x 12"
8" x 10"
18 x 24cm
24 x 30cm

Number of Pixels




14" x 17"

3520 x 4280 pixels

1760 x 2140 pixels

14" x 14"

3520 x 3520 pixels

1760 x 1760 pixels

10" x 12"

2505 x 3015 pixels

1670 x 2010 pixels

8" x 10"

2000 x 2510 pixels

2000 x 2510 pixels

24cm x 30cm

2364 x 2964 pixels

1576 x 1976 pixels

18cm x 24cm

1770 x 2370 pixels

1770 x 2370 pixels

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