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Biolase WaterLase iPlus
$ 8,000.00
AortaScan AMI 9700
$ 4,000.00
$ 3,500.00

5 out of 5 Stars!
Chromolite S
$ 3,000.00
$ 2,500.00
Lumenis Quantum Laser
$ 5,000.00
$ 4,500.00
Palomar Starlux 300
$ 6,000.00
$ 5,500.00
Syneron eMAX
$ 8,000.00
$ 7,000.00
Syneron Velashape II
$ 6,000.00
$ 5,500.00
Palomar Lux 1540 Handpiece
$ 5,250.00
Candela GentleMax Pro
$ 16,500.00
$ 16,000.00
Candela Alex Trivantage
$ 8,500.00
Syneron eMatrix
$ 8,500.00
Lumenis Opus Duo
$ 12,500.00
BIOLASE Waterlase MD
$ 1,850.00
Kavo GENTLEray 980
$ 2,000.00

5 out of 5 Stars!
Toshiba Xario Ultrasound System
$ 5,000.00
Sonoscape S8 Portable Ultrasound
$ 6,500.00
$ 6,000.00
Konica Minolta DRYPRO SD-P
$ 60.00
$ 13,000.00
$ 10,500.00
MINDRAY M5 Digital Ultrasound
$ 5,000.00
GE Vivid 7 Pro Ultrasound
$ 7,000.00
Fuji DI-AL Blue Base Dry Imager Film 35x43 (14x17) 100 Sheet/Box
$ 60.00
$ 40.00
Candela CO2RE
$ 6,500.00

How to Order

 How To Order

  •     If you already have a choice of products that will be ordered marketing you can contact us via telephone or email before place order directly into our website. For services outside our office hours 8:00 to 17:00 (Monday-Friday), 8:30 to 12:30 (Saturday) can be contact via email (but we do keep sending in our working hours). Our marketing will follow up / follow-up to the total invoice that must be transferred either to a product at a price of Euro (EUR) or U.S. $ we will inform the exchange rate that will be used for calculating overall.


  •     If there is any thing not clear  about the specifications of  the products we recommend to first consult our customer service  either by phone, web chat, or Yahoo messengger order to obtain the goods that are actually correct according to your needs.  Regarding the availability of stock we will confirm to you whether the status ready stock,  indent or empty.


  •     For delivery within the city field we do freely and payment can be done on the spot.


  •     Risks in delivery is not our responsibility. If the goods are at risk of sensitive and we recommend to add extra insurance and packing timber and add extra costs could increase further asked at our marketing.


  •     We will make delivery no later than 24 hours after transfer into our account, for the duration of delivery depending on destination.


  •     In general we do courier delivery using TIKI, JNE for delivery throughout Indonesia and abroad for worldwide delivery  we using delivery services namely: PT. Pos Indonesia, DHL, TNT, and others according to customer demand.
  •     Payment can be made by Bank Transfer.For payment information you can contact Customer Care via email and please fax proof of your transfer to or email us at sales consultant who serves in order to help speed up the delivery process.